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Artwork of the Month

William Eggleston
Untitled, 1980

Vintage color print
Cm 35,5x 42,7
Initialed on verso


Photology was established in 1992 being the first gallery in Italy specialized in photographic arts with more than 350 exhibitions organized worldwide.

From the historic location of Via Moscova in Milan, Photology has been working for 27 years collaborating with international artists, archives and foundations operating on different areas of the photo-art: exhibitions in art galleries, museums and institutions, e-commerce, publishing, corporate consulting, workshops, social projects, artist-in-residence and academic programs.

Effectively, Photology has been structured to go beyond the classic one-gallery operation, though always mantaining the planning and organisation of exhibitions as its main activity in its own spaces in Milan (1992-2015), Cortina (1992-1995), London (1997-2000), Bologna (2000-2003), Paris (2007), Noto (2013-now) and Garzón (2014-now). Noto, city listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites has been chosen has the future headquarter of Photology. Our organization and publishing offices are now moved to Villa Impero in Bologna, and our exhibitions programs will be continued in the galleries in Noto, Sicily (June – November) and Garzon, Uruguay (December – March).

Thanks to bigger and more suitable locations, workshops, artists’ residences, editorial events and installation projects will be planned in both galleries, which will be next to cosy and precious “art resorts”, in order to offer an exclusive hospitality to friends and collectors.

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