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Photo: Buzz Aldrin immortalized on the lunar soil next to the American flag
(Copyright NASA | Courtesy Photology)

The Bright Side Of The Moon

Parma, 18 oct. - 24 nov. 2019

From October 18 to November 24, 2019, the BDC28 Space of Parma will host the exhibition The Bright Side of the Moon – Vintage photographs from NASA archives .

Through 170 vintage photographs of the NASA archives, the exhibition intends to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the lunar landing of Neil Armstrong and associates: the images depict the very first launches and training (1950-1966), the missions of the Mercury (1960-1963), Gemini (1964-1966) and Apollo (1966-1972) programs, as well as the Apollo 13 and Apollo 15 roadbooks.

The Bright Side of the Moon will bring to Parma a fragment of the role of photography in the American space program of the Sixties and Seventies. It is not excessive to consider photography as a key element in the media operation that the NASA institutes carried out in order to capture the attention of the public and awaken a collective feeling of participation in the space exploration plan. The shots shown here, presented in the greatest museums in the world, are the same as those originally used by NASA both as an object of study and scientific study, and as official documentation to be submitted to investors, as well as for advertising and dissemination purposes.

The private collection includes a considerable amount of photographs produced by NASA since the beginning of Mercury program. In black and white or in color, these photographs are true testimonies: the former were normally produced during the training period prior to the space operation, while those in color were taken during the launch and mission phases.

From 18 October to 24 November 2019

Borgo delle Colonne, 28 – 43121 Parma – Italy

Timetable: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 16 to 20

Free admission

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