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Photology AIR 2020


Dear friends,
we all find ourselves in a situation we have never experienced before. Health measures continue to evolve quickly following the spreading of the contagion and manner of working adapt to it accordingly. The current situation has an impact to the entire production chain of any events related to Photology AIR 2020 in Noto, Sicily.
Our biennial project PRESERVACTION has been conceived as an attempt to to grasp the drama of climate change and environment preservation. What was being devised as a cultural metaphor and an artistic omen, despite a different form, is now reality.
Photology first and foremost wants to ensure all participants, visitors and team members to interact safely. In tune with the provisions of the pandemic we have decided to cancel our upcoming 2020 Photology AIR edition. Taking the opportunity to thank all artists, partners and suppliers involved in the creative projects, we will soon start with maximum effort to realize a renewed series of events for 2021.
Last but not least we express our extreme gratitude to all those working tirelessly to ensure a swift collective recovery for those affected by Covid-19.
We wish you and your family a prompt return to a normal life in health, harmony and hope.
Truly yours,

Davide Faccioli


PreservAction Now!

From 10 May to 25 October 2020

Photology AIR – Contemporary Art Park

Tenuta Busulmone, Noto, Italy

Photology AIR (Art In Ruins) is a new park for contemporary art housed in the thirty hectares of Tenuta Busulmone, few kilometers from Noto and inaugurated in 2018. Drawing inspiration from the theme of the “ruins” as a synonym of modernization, exhibitions and events are set up in the restored spaces without coverage of a nineteenth-century convent and along outdoor paths in various areas of the estate.

The two-year PreservAction project, now in its second year, presents events this year that develop throughout the season in four exhibition areas.

Exhibition Air, with a collective exhibition of international artists composed of installations, photographic works and site-specific interventions in the ruins of the convent; Belvedere, the only covered exhibition area with bookshop and project room, designed for the most demanding art collectors; Naturalistic Trail, a countryside path that leads the visitor to a “walking to art” action through a suggestive photo-botanical setting; Educational Trail, a project of workshops, creative workshops and exhibitions created by middle school children with the collaboration of Legambiente and the Municipality of Noto.

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