© Gianfranco Gorgoni
© David Redfern
© Baron Wolman


Hendrix Now, a book and an exhibition entirely dedicated to rock legend Jimi Hendrix with photographs by Baron Wolman, Jorgen Angel, David Redfern and Gianfranco Gorgoni, plus a video installation by Alessandro Amaducci. On 18 september 1970 Jimi Hendrix died in London and he’s now unanimously considered the greatest guitar player of all time. His legend and his timeless music has continued to gather fans all around the world, generation after generation. Hendrix is celebrated by Photology, exactly forty years after his death, with a wonderful collection of more than 50 photographs. Hendrix Now is an homage to the man who forever changed the history of rock, becoming an icon of social and cultural revolution of the fabolous and turbolent Sixties. The selection of pictures was originally taken between 1968 and 1970, when Hendrix turned the world of musica around, establishing himself internationally with live performances in festivals and concerts around the world: San Francisco, New York, London, Woodstock… For the occasion a book was produced by Photology and curated by Nico Vascellari, one of the most affluent emerging Italian artist internationally. Vascellari designed a wonderful hard-cover publication featuring not only interviews with important contemporary musicians but also photographs made by digital contaminations of his internet works. In 2015, the same exhibition has taken new life at the Slowear Store in Paris.