© Hillka Halso
© Janne Lehtinen
© Jorma Puranen


Landscape is the classic scenario for Finnish photography.The In Natura - A Finnish Trilogy project features photoworks by artists from the Helsinki School: Ilkka Halso, Janne Lehtinen and Jorma Puranen. In Natura focuses on Finnish performance and installation contemporary art under three different perspectives, but always with the same stage: Nature. Ilkka Halso builds his restoration structures around natural elements such as grass, trees and flowers, which become wounded bodies to be healed. Janne Lehtinen’s performances are set in Lapland, attempting impossible takehealed offs from rocks and boards in the great outdoors. Overwhelmed by a pictorialist state of mind, Jorma Puranen reproduces Finnish woods and lakes through reflections on a painted wooden surface. The tradition of the masters of painting are regenerated by an up to date conceptual action. In Natura was conceived as a show, later, with the support of Frame (Finish Fund for Artists), became a large format edition published by Photology in 2008 and culturally enriched by young radical curator Gianluca Marziani.