© Nan Goldin
© Ron Galella
© The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation - used by permission


Since the 1970's New York becomes the world capital of contemporary art and the deep economic success of Pop Art makes avant-gard artists to be the most requested among rich tycoons of the City. This is becoming a changing world: the one of global culture and mass snobbisnesh, with a society without middle class. It is the new hedonist America of Ronald Reagan what is going to happen in few years: a social system which corresponds to the mass market. New York is in pole position in this new cultural system, plunged in a downtown-uptown sliding effect where hi-class falls in love with underground artistic sense and avantgard young generations get a living with wasp dollars. It is the time for new cultural experiences: Beat literature, pop music, gay culture, art events, disco extravaganzas. What has happened in New York in those 20 years is the most extreme social change in life style and thinking ever happened in contemporary society. The New York scene. Sex, Art & America Culture 70-80 is the photographic essence of this changing New York: Nan Goldin’s intimate reportage, Robert Mapplethorpe  iconic images of sadomasochism sex, Andy Warhol body parts, Allen Ginsberg portraits of writers and musicians, Ron Galella discos in his paparazzi style and Gianfranco Gorgoni‘s artists installations, Christopher Makos Pop-Polaroids makes this show a unique psychedelic experience.