©Luca Campigotto / Courtesy Photology, Milano
©Richard Tuschman / Courtesy Photology, Milano
© Fontana/ Photology, Milano


The exhibition features the works of 3 photo-artists Luca Campigotto, Gregory Crewdson and Richard Tuschman. Thru a total of about 20 works they compare themselves with the iconography of Edward Hopper, whose painting has inspired millions of people worldwide. The psycoanalitic painting of Hopper perfectly depicts the social contradictions of contemporary America. Living photoartists more and more use Hopper style and moods in order to emottionally hit the viewer and the 3 examples of Hopperiana are here to underline the concept. Campigotto with his serie of Gotham City melts his unique skill of night photography with typical Hopper outdoor croppings. Crewdson cinematographic scenes creates misterious enigmas and psychotic ambiguities. Tuschman's pictorial imagery brings powerful Hopperian human figures in a contemporary context. As Daniele Galliano writes for Photology "Edward Hopper images become an archetype of this esthetic to the point it gets really difficult to determine the border between artist's interpretation and the reality of every day life". The exhibition features different framed size works from 50 x 70 cm (Tuschman) 110 x 140 cm (Campigotto) and 150 x 120 (Crewdson).