© Ettore Sottsass
© Andrea Jemolo
© Anni Leppala

SI.C.( )L.A.

The exhibition SI.C.( ) L.A. > “Sicily as land art” aims to represent the big heritage of “elements” left by different population in 3000 years on our territory through the work of 5  different artists: Mario Cresci, Elia Festa, Andrea Jemolo, Anni Leppälä, Ettore Sottsass. Defined as a group show, the exhibit could also be considered as a set of indipendent solo exhibition projects given the intensity, depth and diversity of the selected works. While Sottsass deals with the issue of land art seeing the mere territory as art itself, Cresci is interested in small details and in his interventions on parts of nature such rocks, sand, or cactuses. Jemolo moves our vision to the most contemporary area in Sicily, Gibellina, among architectural structures and site specific project by Ludovico Quaroni and Burri in memory of the Belice Earthquake of 1968. Anni Leppala, uses the natural landscape of The Noto Valley and Madonie in order to stage her version of "Alice in wonderland”, where she transforms Land Art in a vivid, contemporary breathing representation. Through to his  big intsallation, Elia Festa brings himself into a new category of a refined ready-made artist, with his “This memory I would like to tell” made of 99 photographic “post-card” of architectural remains of the Greek- Roman culture, happaning in recent years after a long travelling research. Finally , a special appearance by Sebastian Kruger with his 2003 video reissued for the occasion in 2015 that illustrates the artistic adventures of Antonio Presti real soul of contemporary Sicilian straddling of two millennia.