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Photology AIR 2020


Dear all,
We all find ourselves in a situation unparalleled to what we have experienced before. Health measures continue to evolve quickly across Europe and the rest of the world and Photology AIR too must shift and evolve its manner of working.

The current situation has an impact on the entire production chain of Photology AIR 2020 and therefore the date of opening that had been set in place. Photology first and foremost wants to ensure that participants and team members are working safely towards our second biennial program, as well as having the necessary time and conditions in order to build these programmes properly and to maintain a high level of quality.

Photology AIR Artistic and all partners involved in the 2020 edition, are currently investigating different scenarios in regard to new opening dates, that were initially planned on the 9th of May. After the 15th of April 2020, Photology will reanalyse the situation and aims to announce the new opening dates of Photology AIR 2020. Since last Monday the 16th of March 2020, we have temporarily closed down our office space in Bologna and kept open our administrative office in Noto (

We will update you to the best of our capabilities. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the COVID-19 virus and their families. We express our extreme gratitude to all those working tirelessly in hospitals and the care sector across the globe to ensure a swift collective recovery.

Stay safe and we will be in touch soon!

The Photology team


PreservAction Now!

Dal 10 maggio al 25 ottobre 2020

Photology AIR – Parco d’arte contemporanea

Tenuta Busulmone, Noto, Italy

Photology AIR (Art In Ruins) è un nuovo parco per l’arte contemporanea ospitato nei trenta ettari di Tenuta Busulmone a pochi chilometri da Noto e inaugurato nel 2018. Traendo inspirazione dal tema delle “rovine” come sinonimo di modernizzazione, mostre ed eventi sono allestiti negli spazi restaurati senza copertura di un convento ottocentesco e lungo percorsi outdoor in varie zone della tenuta.

Il progetto biennale PreservAction, giunto al secondo anno, presenta quest’anno eventi che si sviluppano per tutta la stagione in quattro aree espositive.

Exhibition Air, con una mostra collettiva di artisti internazionali composta da installazioni, opere fotografiche e interventi site-specific tra le rovine del convento; Belvedere, unica zona espositiva coperta con bookshop e project room, pensata per i collezionisti d’arte più esigenti; Naturalistic Trail, un percorso di campagna che induce il visitatore a un’azione di “walking to art” attraverso un suggestivo allestimento foto-botanico; Educational Trail, un progetto di laboratori, workshops creativi ed esposizioni realizzati da ragazzi delle scuole medie con la collaborazione di Legambiente e del Comune di Noto.

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