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Dear friends,
we are sorry about the cancellation of the editions 2020-2022 of Photology AIR due to the restrictions caused by Covid 19. Our biennial project PRESERVACTION has been conceived as an attempt to to grasp the drama of climate change and environment preservation. What was being devised as a cultural metaphor and an artistic omen, despite a different form is now reality. We thank all artists, partners and suppliers involved in the creative projects and we will start with maximum effort to realize a renewed series of events as soon as possible.

Next Exhibition: 2023

Photology AIR – Contemporary Art Park

Tenuta Busulmone, Noto, Italy

Photology AIR (Art In Ruins) is a park for contemporary art located in the thirty hectares of Tenuta Busulmone, a few kilometers from Noto and inaugurated in 2018. Inspired by the theme of “ruins” as a synonym for modernization, exhibitions and events are set up in the restored uncovered spaces of a 19th century convent and along outdoor paths in various areas of the estate.

The projects are biennial and at every edition important international artists participate. AIR is divided into different exhibition areas with installations, photographic works and site-specific interventions. In the innovative location, year after year, art, cinema, territory, eco-sustainable culture and Sicilian food tradition are connected.

Among the services offered by Photology AIR there is a covered bookshop with a section dedicated to collectors, a relaxing area where to taste espresso coffee and refreshing beverages. Each year are also organized creative workshops, artist residencies and educational programs in line with the curatorial themes.

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