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Staging of the Fellini At Work exhibition at the Palazzo del Cinema in Venice

77° International Film Festival

Venice, 2-12 september 2020

We chose to inaugurate Photology® Online Gallery, our new 3D gallery experience, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Federico Fellini, with the exhibition “Fellini At Work” and in conjunction with the exhibition of original works by Tazio Secchiaroli at the Palazzo del Cinema in Venice.

The exhibition, realized in collaboration with Secchiaroli’s archive in Rome, 77. Venice International Film Festival and with the support of the Fellini 100 Commitee, will remain on exclusive viewing for the participants of Festival, considering the recent restrictive regulations regarding public access to the Palazzo del Cinema.

The exhibition includes a significant selection of vintage prints from Tazio Secchiaroli’s personal archive. The photographic works, of which a dozen unpublished, want to give homage to the great director on the occasion of this important anniversary. Realized and printed during the shooting of the La Dolce Vita, 8 e ½, Satyricon, Amarcord e La città delle donne, the works are all signed and stamped with Secchiaroli footnotes on the back. They were selected and acquired by Photology in 1996, a few years before the author’s death.

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