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If there were one trait that characterizes Photology it would be its ability to evolve and keep up with the times. A spirit of adapting that, in its 28 years of activity, has allowed us to organize more than 350 exhibitions worldwide, collaborating with international artists, archives, foundations, galleries, museums and Universities.

After opening various exhibition spaces worldwide – Milan (1992-2015); Cortina (1992- 1995); London (1997-2000); Bologna (2000-2003); Paris (2007); Garzón, Uruguay (2015-2020); Noto (2013-on) – Photology has chosen a new path, actualizing the concept of a gallery as a physical space, with the creation of a new virtual reality: Photology Online Gallery. Staring in 2020, the exhibitions produced by Photology will be entirely and solely usable on-line. Therefore allowing a broader pool of viewers to take pleasure in the photographic works displayed, and to have the opportunity to purchase them directly through this virtual path.

The 3D platform is available from September 2020 with a system of navigation that permits users to navigate within a virtual space that is totally realistic. The exhibited works can be enlarged, looked at in detail and viewed from various angles. The text and information systems is inserted in the exhibition context, including videos. In the case of interest in a private view of the individual works, there is the possibility of making private appointments directly with a team of specialists in principle Italian cities > contacts.

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