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Via del Decoratore, 2 | 40138 Bologna – Italy > DIRECTIONS


Photology At Art Defender - Bologna

The history of photography in the era of globalization and the post-industrial West is a complex story of a means of mass communication in all respects. Photography has had and still has a decisive role: not only was it the most immediate and transparent vehicle of information among peoples through newspapers, but it was also the offshoot from which cinema and later television were born and now the main social networks, perhaps the most revolutionary, rapid and radical means of communication and influence on society in the history of humanity. In the twentieth century, photography found such widespread use that it gradually replaced painting in the art system, and induced a radical change in its social and cognitive function. Artistic activity becomes art for thinking and no longer art for representing.

Photology fits into this context, a flexible and dynamic company which, since its birth in 1992, has generated and spread on an international scale a series of activities in the field of photographic arts with the opening of offices in Milan, Bologna, Noto, London and Paris. In recent years the art collecting market has multiplied its international potential with the diffusion of exhibitions and sales via the internet. Photology has once again anticipated the trend with the opening of Photology Online Gallery in 2020, a 3D platform that has effectively replaced physical galleries.

The collaboration with Art Defender was born adapting to the new logistical and organizational panorama. The new main office of Photology based in the Bologna headquarters of Art Defender in via del decoratore in the Roveri area, combines the expertise of a team of consultants and experts for those approaching the world of photographic arts. Beyond new logistical systems for the preparation, storage and shipping of works ordered online, Photology enriches its services to the public in a location with spaces for presenting works, a meeting room and large internal car parks. All by reservation only, respecting privacy and ad personam service.

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