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Alessandro Amaducci

Alessandro Amaducci “A flash of art, the video”

30 minutes video loop

A flash of art, the video

Alessandro Amaducci (Torino 1967)

Sandra Lischi defined Alessandro Amaducci as a radical experimenter, explorer in cinematography techniques and special effects; as well artist, scholar, professor.

His profile is very unique in the Italian cultural scene. He visually works through symbolic images, poetic references, philosophical echoes, memories, being able to unravel a filmic reflexion – with a mix of analogical and digital approach – enriched by metaphors and linked with other arts.

He is introducing a video project made for Photology, dated 2004, realized for the iconic show “A Flash of Art” (Roma – Palazzo Venezia). In collaboration with Istituto Luce, the artist reviewed tons of rare material in the Cinecittà archives, in order to select the best possible unseen imagery of la dolce vita era in Rome. With a unique artistic and syncopathic re-editing, Amaducci merges original sounds and video-images, a real flash of art.

Alessandro Amaducci | Photology