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Emilio Fantin

Emilio Fantin “L’incubo del mandorlo caduto”

Tree and audio installation – Variable measures

L’incubo del mandorlo caduto, 2023

Emilio Fantin (Bassano del Grappa, 1954)

Emilio Fantin is culturally inspired by the end of the psyche-reason and matter-spirit dialectic; he believes this new aesthetic research can redefine art and can constitute the cultural horizon of the years to come.

The sharing of his theoretical reflection and practices will give us the opportunity to refine a certain sensitivity through which to elaborate our inner basic elements.

This is the case when experiencing his immersive sound installation “L’incubo del mandorlo caduto”, which features a fallen almond tree and sound recording near the parking area.

Emilio Fantin | Photology