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Georg Reinking

Installation of

Georg Reinking “Untitled (The World is Yours)”

2019, forged iron, 310 x 140 cm

The World is Yours

Georg Reinking (Germany, 1972)

He grew up under the artistic influence of his mother and grandmother – both figurative artists. As early as adolescence, he developed a great interest in design and craftsmanship which led him to create the first pieces of furniture. In 1992, together with two designers, he opened the furniture atelier Senza Fuga in Hamburg and in 1999 he attended the “Designer in Craftsmanship” course at the School of Specialization for Design in the German city of Flensburg. In the summer of 2000 he arrived in Guardiagrele (Abruzzo) to undertake an apprenticeship at the forge of Filippo Scioli. The spark was immediately struck and so he decided to stay in Guardiagrele and found Atelierferro, specializing in the art of forging and in the field of contemporary design.

Georg Reinking’s work is an explicit reference to the revolutionary spirit which characterized the rebellion of a group of artists against the contemporary art system in the 1960s: the intolerance matured towards the dynamics of the commercialization of art, represented primarily by galleries, pushed these artists to make the Earth and nature their canvas, their means of expression, creating works that were deliberately impossible to put in museums and to sell.

Georg Reinking, through his letters forged in iron, becomes a modern interpreter of this need for conscious appropriation of the world and profound reconciliation with the environment, giving life to a courageous universal message of freedom.

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