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Naturalistic Trail

View of Noto from the Naturalistic Trail

Planta Manent

An installative project by Francesca Romana Gaglione & Paolo Uccello

Francesca Romana Gaglione (Chieti, 1982) & Paolino Uccello (Canicattini, 1961)

The four-handed project by Francesca Romana Gaglione and Paolo Uccello, was created as a permanent photographic cataloguing of the natural environment around the contemporary art park Photology AIR. We are in fact in the most interesting part of Tenuta Busulmone from a botanical point of view, due to the peculiar climate conditions.

The artistic process carried out by the photographer Francesca Romana Gaglione and botanical researcher Paolo Uccello, focused in a first phase on identifying the most vulnerable plants, trees and blossoms, with the aim of reconstructing their history. Later the project titled “Planta Manent”, developed into various site-specific photographic works combined with exclusive texts, forming about 15 installations set up as a Naturalistic Trail. They are medium format aluminium prints mounted on a steel structure visible walking through the 2 km countryside trail of Tenuta Busulmone (see map).

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