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Pierluigi Praturlon

Pierluigi Praturlon “Monica Vitti, Rome, 1962”

Unique vintage print

On cinema

Pierluigi Praturlon (Roma 1924 – Roma 1999)

The special presentation of “On Cinema” includes about 30 original photographic works by Pierluigi Praturlon.

All prints (vintage in various sizes) feature iconic portraits of Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg, Raquel Welch, Peter Sellers, Frank Sinatra, Liz Taylor and others.

Many of the works are signed and they were acquired directly from the photographer’s archive; they were originally found among few stacks of prints which were made near the negative dates for editorial purposes.

Pierluigi built his career as a “movie set photographer” collaborating with the major production companies from Hollywood and having the chance to exclusively shoot on relevant film locations in the 50’s and 60’s such as Ben Hur, La Dolce Vita, Matrimonio all’italiana, The Pink Panther and so on.

He gradually established himself, becoming the so called “Prince of Italian Photographers”. His talent and passion for photo-portraits lead him to sign a 20 years professional agreement with Sophia Loren.

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